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Lodovica Comello and Candelaria Molfese


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Mardovica, Candina

Lodelaria (Lod/ovica and Cand/elaria) is the real life friendship pairing between Lodovica Comello and Candelaria Molfese.

They are best friends on and off of the set of Violetta and they like spending time together.

For the pairing in the series of Camila Torres and Francesca Caviglia, see Camcesca.


  • They are best friends on the set of Violetta.
  • They were guest stars of the episode 16 of The U-Mix Show.
  • Both are part of Violetta's main cast.
  • Both are good friends with Martina Stoessel and Facundo Gambandé.
  • Both were invited to participate on The U-Mix Show.
  • Both are actresses and singers.
  • They both worked on Violetta en Vivo (Violetta in Concert).
  • Both are currently in a relationship. Candelaria is dating Ruggero Pasquarelli and Lodovica is married to an Argentinean producer named Tomas Goldschimdt.
  • Both are fluent in Spanish.
  • Lodovica is Italian and Candelaria is Argentinian.
  • Lodovica has black hair, but Candelaria has brown hair.
  • Lodovica is fluent in Italian, but Candelaria isn't.
  • They sang a remix of "Te Creo" and "Ti Credo" on the U-Mix Show.
  • Lodovica is married, while Candelaria isn't.
  • Lodovica is 27 and Candelaria is 26 years old.


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