Characters Shipped

Francesca Caviglia and Marco Tavelli





Portrayed by

Lodovica Comello and Xabiani Ponce de León

Marcesca (Mar/co and Fran/cesca) is the romantic pairing of Marco Tavelli and Francesca Caviglia.

They met each other at the karaoke bar where they sang the song "Next to You" together. Before that, Marco was a big fan of Studio On Beat, but especially of Francesca. Later, they became a couple and Francesca convinced Marco to take the audition to enter the Studio.

For the real-life pairing of Lodovica Comello and Xabiani Ponce de León, see Lodobiani.


Marco and Francesca first met at the karaoke bar. Marco sang the song "Next to You", and then the girls made Francesca join him and they sang together.

Other Names

  • Maresca (Mar/co and Franc/esca)
  • Mancesca (M/arco and Fr/ancesca)
  • Marca (Mar/co and Frances/ca)
  • Franco (Fran/cesca and Mar/co)
  • Framarco (Fra/ncesca and Marco)



  • Both have black hair.
  • Both love hanging out together.
  • Both are good singers.
  • Both can play the guitar and the piano.
  • Both are not from Argentina, Francesca is from Italy and Marco is from Mexico.
  • Both are very good friends with Maxi.
  • Both dislike Ludmila.
  • Both are good people.
  • Both are friends with Violetta.
  • Both have a sibling.


  • Marco is Mexican and Francesca is Italian.
  • Marco is a boy, Francesca is a girl.
  • Francesca is a part of the Studio, while Marco isn't.
  • Francesca is a native Italian speaker but Marco only speaks a little.


  • Marco was a huge fan of Francesca's, even before they met.
  • Marco learnt some Italian for Francesca.
  • Violetta ships them.
  • They sang "Friendship Code" together.
  • They broke up and decided to stick to being freinds.


Song - The Marcesca song could be "Next to You", because Marco sang it with Francesca when they first met.

Episode - The Marcesca episode is the second episode of season 2, because they met each other for the first time at the karaoke bar. Another episode could be episode 7, because they became a couple in that episode.

Color - TBA

Place - The Marcesca place is the karaoke bar where they first met.


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