Maxi Ponte
Full Name

Maximiliano Ponte


Maxi (by everyone)
Max-imiliano (by Gregorio)
Rapper hippo (by Ludmila)
Worm with a cap (by Ludmila)
Rapper boy (by Gregorio)
Weird little boy (by Luca)
MC Fresh (by Gregorio)



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina



Eye Color


Hair Color



Mara (cousin by marriage)
Unnamed brother
Unknown mother
Unknown father


Naty (girlfriend)
Laura (ex-crush)
Dolores (ex-crush)
Andrea (ex-crush)
Camila Torres (former crush; kissed)




On Beat Studio

First Episode

A Dream, a Song

Last Episode

One Last Song

Portrayed By

Facundo Gambandé
Bryce Papenbrook (English dub)

Maximiliano "Maxi" Ponte is one of the many students from Studio 21. His best friends are Francesca and Camila, and later, he becomes close friends with Violetta. He is especially good at dancing and hip-hop music.

Maxi is portrayed by Facundo Gambandé.


Maxi is a kind, caring, and loyal person. He is friendly and knows how to be a good friend as well. He's not good with girls and doesn't have much luck in love, as most of his advances on girls usually fail, but he can always count on his friends for help. He loves his friends and cares about them, he always tries his best and is always ready to give a helping hand. He is a cool guy, and he treats people the nicest way possible, except for Ludmila.

Character History

Season 1

Part 1

At the beginning of the series, Maxi is a fun, outgoing, loyal, nice, good person and a good friend. He always helps his friends, especially his best friends: Camila, Francesca, and Violetta. He loves his friends and is always ready to give a hand of help when they need it. He has a big passion for music, hip-hop, and rap, and he is rarely seen without a cap on.

Part 2

At the end of Season 1, Maxi seems to have a stronger relationship and friendship with the boys, and their band started to become more successful, so they became closer while working on their music. He is also shown to have feelings for Naty, and she returns his feelings, but Ludmila always breaks them up.

Season 2

Part 1

At the beginning of Season 2, Maxi is shown to be the same, but his style is a little changed. He and Naty still have feelings for each other, but none of them said a thing, and Ludmila always controls Naty, so they didn't have time to talk. He is not part of the boy band anymore, because all of them got busy, and they ended the band.

Part 2

At the end of Season 2, he seems to have feelings for his best friend, Camila Torres, and they also kissed; but then, they realized that they don't have feelings for each other and decided to be friends. He and Naty kissed, three times, and officially became a couple. He also re-joined the band and sang Come With Us.



Camila Torres

Best friend

Main article: Caxi


Camila and Maxi were best friends prior to when the series started. They love to hang out together and share their passion for music with each other. They are best friends along with Francesca and later Violetta.

Francesca Caviglia

Best friend

Main article: Fraxi

Image b4669aaf.jpeg

Francesca and Maxi are best friends, along with Camila. The three of them wrote a part of the song "Always Dancing" together. Francesca helps Maxi with girl problems alongside Camila. 

Violetta Castillo

Close friend

Main article: Viaxi


Violetta and Maxi are close friends. They like spending their time together, and they care very much about each other. They both love singing, sometimes together as a group, along with Francesca and Camila.


Close friend


Braco and Maxi are close friends. They share a love of dancing and they often practice together.

Tomas Heredia

Good Friend

Tomas and Maxi.png

Tomas and Maxi are good friends. Maxi often gives Tomas advice on his love life and he also sympathizes with him whenever Leon is annoying him. Sometimes, Maxi helps Tomas to write a few songs.


Natalia Vidal


Main article: Naxi

Tumblr inline n92hkkAQ7f1s8nj4e.png

At the start of the first series, Nati and Maxi don't talk with each other because Maxi hates Ludmila and Nati is Ludmila's best friend, which didn't make them friends or enemies. They start to develop feelings for each other when Lena, Nati's sister enters the Studio. Lena defends Nati from Ludmila, but when Lena is not there, Ludmila continued to threaten her. Maxi saw the way that Ludmila treats her so he decided to help her become more confident and to believe in herself a lot more.


Ludmila Ferro


Resto band.jpg

In the first episode, Ludmila hates Maxi, along with Francesca and Camila. If Maxi works with Ludmila, they're projects become a disaster, because Ludmila never wants to pay attention to what Maxi says or does. Ludmila hated Maxi, even more, when he started to develop feelings for Naty because Maxi helps Naty to stay away from Ludmila.


  • He's the best dancer at On Beat Studio.
  • His best friends are Camila, Francesca, and Violetta.
  • His first on-screen love interest in the series was Dolores, a girl Maxi met, but she had a boyfriend.
  • He loves to dance.
  • He's a good rapper.
  • His style is Hip Hop.
  • His first true love interest is Naty.
  • He always wears a cap.
  • In the first episode (A Dream, a Song), he mentioned that he has a younger brother.
  • He can play the piano, guitar, bass, and drums.
  • He's afraid of children.
    • He did, however, babysit Dolores' younger brother.
  • He is very good at making music on his computer.
  • He can't live without his vast collection of caps.
  • He is rarely seen without a cap on.
  • He loves sleeping, just like his portrayer, Facundo Gambandé.[citation needed]
  • He's a dreamer.
  • He falls in love very easily.
  • His first kiss in the series was with Andrea.
    • It is unknown whether or not it was his first kiss.
  • He was in love with Andres' sister Laura. In the beginning, Andres was very much against it, but later on, they become friends, and Andres says, that it's ok if they're dating.
  • He was chosen as one of the eight contestants for the reality show "Talents 21".
  • It is possible he ships Leonetta.
  • He said he prefers cats rather than dogs.
  • He is part of a band called "All For You", with Leon, Andres, Broduey, and Napo.
  • His last name was revealed to be Ponte in Talk If You Can.
  • He and Naty held hands in episode 27 of Season 2.
  • He is shown to have many crushes.
  • His dance partner for the YouMix dance contest was Ludmila Ferro.
  • His last name 'Ponte' is Portuguese for 'bridge'.[citation needed]


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