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Martina Stoessel and Mercedes Lambre


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Jortini, Jorcedes

Mercina (Merc/edes and Mart/ina) is the real-life friendship pairing between Martina Stoessel and Mercedes Lambre.

They are very good friends and spend a lot of time together.

For the pairing in the series of Violetta Castillo and Ludmila Ferro, see Viodmila.


  • Both have three tattoos.
  • Both are Argentinean.
  • Both have a name that start with M.
  • Both are actresses and singers.
  • Both were working on Violetta in Concert.
  • Both are working on the Violetta LIVE tour.
  • They both love their fans.
  • Both are a part of the main cast of "Violetta".
  • Both have natural brown hair.
  • Both had their first appearence on TV in Violetta.
  • Both have blonde hair.
  • Mercedes is single while Martina isn't.
  • Mercedes is 24 and Martina is 19.
  • Mercedes' birthday is in October and Martina's is in March.
  • Mercedes' eye color is hazel and Martina's eye color is brown.
  • Mercedes was born in La Plata and Martina was born in Buenos Aires.
  • Their relationship is totally different to the one between Violetta and Ludmila.
  • They are best friends on the set of Violetta.
  • Martina's mom, Mariana, loves Mercedes like her own daughter.
  • They are like sisters to each other.
  • Mercedes wrote a song named "Luz" (Light) for Martina. [1]
  • Mercedes, along with Jorge Blanco, participated in the "Juntada Tinista" concert, which was held by Martina.


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