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Pablo Espinosa Doncel




March 10, 1992

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Actor, singer, musician, soccer player

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Tomas Heredia

Pablo Espinosa Doncel, (born March 10, 1992) is a Spanish actor and singer. Two of his principal roles as the main character were held on La Pola and "Violetta".

Life and Career

His debut started in 2007, with the TV Show Física o Química, where he portrayed the role of Pablo Calleja.

Later on, he started his international career in Colombia, with his first main role in La Pola, directed by Sergio Cabrera.

He acted in his first film Clara no es hombre de mujer in 2010. He portrayed Elías in the film, which was released on the 29th of June 2012.

His latest project was on the Disney Channel TV Show Violetta, where he portrayed Tomas Heredia, one of the main characters from the TV Show.


Year Title Role Notes
2009 Física o Química Pablo Calleja Seasons 3-4
2010 La Pola Young Alejo Lead Role
2011 El Secreto de Puento Viejo Ramiro Castaneda 179 episodes
2012 Violetta Tomas Heredia Protagonist (Season 1)
Clara, no es nombre de mujer Elías Directed by Pepe Carbajo
2014 Bienvenidos al Lolita Camilo None

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  • He and Mercedes Lambre were dating, but they broke up because Pablo moved back to Spain and they couldn't maintain a long distance relationship.
  • He loves many sports, including soccer, basketball, fencing, skating and horse-riding.
  • He likes to play the guitar a lot.
  • He hates dancing.
  • He lived in an apartment below Lodovica Comello.
  • His favorite music genre is rock.
  • He only featured in the first season of Violetta.
  • He and Jorge Blanco are good friends.
  • He went to a Violetta en Vivo concert in Spain. [1]
  • He left Violetta because he wanted to focus on his music career.
  • He has a SoundCloud account, where he uploads blues songs. [2]
  • He smokes, or used to, but it's unknown if he still does. [3]
  • His ears are pierced.
  • He met with Clara Alonso, Diego Domínguez and Jorge Blanco when they were in Madrid for the Violetta tour.[4]
  • He was in one of Jorge Blanco's YouTube videos.[5]


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