Rafa Palmer
Full Name

Rafael Palmer


Rafa Palmer (by everyone)
Ricky Martin (by Olga)



Resides in

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Student (former)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Angie Carrará (crush)
Olga Peña (crush-on-by)


Angie Carrará
Luca Caviglia


Studio 21 (former)

First Episode

A Suspicion, a Song (only mentioned)
A Deception, a Song

Last Episode

An Ending, a Song
A Return, a Song (only mentioned)

Portrayed By

Germán Tripel

Rafael "Rafa" Palmer is a famous international rock star who was a student at Studio 21 when he was young. He was the special guest invited to the Studio to watch the students perform the song "Always Dancing".

Rafa is portrayed by Germán Tripel.


Rafa is a superstar, and he behaves like any other superstar. He is a good person and he loves all his fans. He dislikes Pablo because he knows Pablo has feelings for Angie; making Rafa find Pablo as a potential rival due to the fact he also has feelings for Angie.

Character History

Season 1

Part 1

At the beginning of the series, Rafa Palmer is a behaving like a superstar, he is selfish and obsessed with himself. Everyone at Studio 21 seems to like him and all the students are his fans, the only people who don't like him are Pablo and Gregorio. He has a crush on Angie and tries to impress her and win her back, because, as stated by Olga, they probably dated in the past, and when Rafa became famous, he forgot about her.

Part 2

Rafa Palmer returned to the Studio 21 as judge of YouMix's reality show Talents 21.



Luca Caviglia


Luca and Rafa are friends. They worked together on the reality show "Talents 21". Luca as the host, and Rafa as a judge.


Angie Carrará


Rafa Palmer med Angie

Rafa has a big crush on Angie, and he is always trying to get her to go on a date with him. He constantly asks her if she wants to go for a drink with him, much to the irritation of Pablo.


Pablo Galindo


Even though Pablo and Rafa aren't "enemies", Rafa thinks of Pablo as his rival, because Rafa knows that Pablo has feelings for Angie.


  • He was a student at Studio 21 when he was younger.
  • He is very good at playing the guitar, as mentioned by Tomas.
  • When he listened to Tomas playing the guitar, he supported his decision to join the Studio.
  • Luca and Violetta didn't know who he was.
  • He has a huge crush on Angie. In one episode, he said he wanted to marry her, and later on, the two went together to all his concerts; but the problem is that Angie sees him just as a friend.
  • He's the first ex-student in Studio 21 that is mentioned and later appears physically on the series.
  • His first guitar was called "Lucila".
  • Olga thinks that he's Ricky Martin.
  • It's possible that he was friends with María.
  • He acts like a crazy child sometimes.
  • He was one of the judges on "Talents 21".
  • He sang "Come and Sing" with Luca and the students at the end-of-term show in the first season.
  • A concert poster of his could be seen in Season 1/Episode 004.


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