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Violetta Wiki Policies
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The Violetta Wiki a set of article/editing policies, put in place to make sure editing on the wiki is done correctly, without disruption, and is in the best interest of the wiki, so we can deliver Violetta information!

Article Policy

Do not create/remove templates without notifying an administrator. Make sure to notify an administrator if a certain template is needed in order to create it, otherwise, the template may be deleted. In addition, do not remove templates from pages unless they are falsely added, and please refrain from drastically changing templates unless it is necessary.

Do not remove information unless you know it is false. Removing content based on your dislike of a particular pairing or any other topic is considered vandalism.

Do not create a page with false information. Creating pages that are irrelevant or contain false information is not allowed. This includes making duplicates of existing pages.

Do not rename pages without a valid reason. Renaming pages into something irrelevant or useless is considered spam.

Unnecessary edits

Unnecessary editing is defined as making edits that make no contribution to the page whatsoever. The following list contains different edits that fall under the category of unnecessary:

  1. Changing the Infobox picture from pages unnecessarily.
  2. Rewording sentences without a valid explanation.
  3. Taking off and adding back punctuation marks without any reason.
  4. Taking off information then putting it back on.

Take into account that an administrator can determine whether the edits made by users falls under this category or not. If you disagree with the decision taken by the administrator, feel free to start a discussion about the problem in the Admin noticeboard, so other admins can check on it and determine what to do with your case.